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welcome to capricorn coating services ltd
Since its inception in 1990, Capricorn Coating’s aim has been to provide the best quality and service, enhancing the look of your products.

We operate in two specific fields, firstly we provide a trade doming service, producing a three-dimensional domed look to your labels, badges and nameplates that not only enhances their appearance but also makes them more durable as well.

Secondly, we provide a trade cold enamelling service, applying coloured and clear epoxy resins to embellish your products such as jewellery, cufflinks, badges and beer fonts.

We also undertake special moulding and casting requests with the use of these resins. Furthermore with the use of harder epoxies, we can enamel then lininsh and polish the resin to give the look of traditional vitreous enamel without the cost.

Trade Doming

At Capricorn Coating we offer a trade doming service of your decals, labels and badges, transforming them into the 3D world, by the use of high quality exterior grade polyurethane resins, which. . . .   MORE

Cold Enamelling Service

Cold enamelling is the popular term used to describe the process of applying decorative epoxy resins. Unlike traditional vitreous enamels, no firing is required for them to cure, hence the term. . . .   MORE


The durenamel process is mixed and applied in the same way as normal epoxy resins and then slightly overfilled on bare un-plated metal surfaces. The resin cures slightly harder than normal epoxies. . . .   MORE
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